Marc van Eck

Endemol: “OGSM is a fantastic way to define and achieve goals”

Just Spee, CEO Endemol: “OGSM is a fantastic way to define and achieve goals as an organization. After having been exposed to the OGSM approach many years ago at Procter & Gamble, I decided to use it again, now at Endemol.

Procter & Gamble and Endemol are very different in many respects. However, both companies apply OGSM successfully. Why? Because OGSM is a tool that works if you’re serious about it. There are numerous reasons why OGSM works. In my opinion, three of them are vital. First, it is a practical tool. Individuals grasp it and use it almost instantaneously; in today’s fast paced world that’s a plus. Second, OGSM ignores borders and works well across cultures. At Endemol, we have rolled it out to all corners of the world. From Sydney to Madrid and from Mumbai to Los Angeles people have embraced it and implemented it. Third, OGSM inspires and binds people. It’s like a language, content and form go together.

A fourth reason why Endemol has rolled out OGSM so successfully is that we asked Business Openers, the experts on OGSM, to assist us. They didn’t take over responsibility; they challenged and provided helpful perspective. Our people remained owners of the outcome, and that is critical, but Business Openers coached them to be their best.
What I personally like about OGSM is that it forces choices and decisions. What is it that we do? And even more important: what is it that we don’t do (anymore)? This is very powerful as it eliminates waste, and hence frees up time and resources to do what really matters.

OGSM is not for the faint-hearted. It leads to – sometimes ferocious – discussions and to tough choices. It is worth it though. I am convinced that it creates value for Endemol at many levels and across the entire organization. I am equally convinced that it will create value for other organizations that dare using OGSM. Good luck!”

Just Spee
CEO Endemol